Barnsley Apartments

The building site is located with the Lisburn Conservation Area 1992, Lisburn Historic Quarter and within Lisburn City Centre. The adjacent building had timber bresmar beams carbon dated confirming their existence during the great fire of Lisnagarvey, in 1707, that gave the current city its name ‘Lisburn’ as it ‘raised the town to the ground’. The fire started in Sluice Street in a very simple way, but quickly spread along the line until all the people of the town were affected by it.

BMA’s application of Policy BH12 of PPS 6 ensured that any interventions to properties within this designated area would preserve and enhance the appearance of the area. This was achieved through detailed assessment of site contours to integrate appropriate scale, materials and detailing. The mid terrace group of properties were acquired by a social enterprise group in LCCC area. The site presented challenges in obtaining consent to demolish the original terraces so as to redevelop a scheme that reflected the character of the original structures. A series of detailed planning applications and co-operation with many funding stakeholders ensured that the project was successfully completed with 2 ground floor retail units and 5 self-contained apartments. Use of historical photographs overlaid with old ordnance survey maps of the town ensured a detailed understanding of the pattern of development in the area. The department accepting that redevelopment of the site was compliant with planning policy on this occasion.

Project Details
Multi Residential

A partial collapse of adjacent terrace building caused irreparable damage to proposed building necessitating redevelopment of the structure

Front elevation of no.28 & 30 Bridge Street before works commenced

Rear view of site before works. View same orientation as 1960’s image

View of completed project at similar aspect as the 1960’s photo

Photo depicting site within the conservation area of the bridge street circa mid 1960’s

The completed front elevation. A dangerous building order required the mid terrace to be re-constructed replicating original details so as to compliment conservation aspirations

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