WW2 House

A relic of a former World War 2 Anti-aircraft defence Battery position used by the ‘Home Guard’ has lay largely undisturbed overlooking Greater Belfast. The barrel shaped building was the original ammunitions store servicing the adjacent 4 gun Anti-aircraft Battery unit. The proposal combines the striking geometric shape of the existing building and over clads it with a bronzed metallic raised seam roof. The rear extension enjoys panoramic views towards Lagan Valley Regional Park. The grass sedum roof on the new extension harks back to its clandestine past and integrates the scheme into its rural landscape.

A garden sculpture of a twisted fuselage pays homage to the heros of the past and the debt we owe for present freedoms. NIEA commented about this building ‘The site contains an ammunition store which is a remnant of a former heavy anti-aircraft battery which existed within this area and was a core component of Northern Ireland’s Civil defence structure. The ammunition store is a monument of Defence Heritage interest. Heavy Anti-aircraft batteries usually contained not only the ammunition store but a radar platform, which was used to assist in the guidance of the guns.

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Proposed CGI ‘Day Time’ perspective of the refurbishment of the nissan hut with an extension to provide additional accommodation

Night Time CGI

The existing WW2 nissan hut used as RAF munitions store supporting a neighbour anti aircraft gunning position protecting lagan valley

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